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March 10, 2006 by Kyle Glen

March already and less than 1 month away from WrestleMania 22!

To celebrate the biggest event there is in pro wrestling, we will be uploading new WrestleMania matches for you all to download! If you would like to request a specific match post in the forum and we will be sure to upload it for you!

Also, as we are offering FULL matches for download on a private server, the site has been recieving numerous hits and downloads over the past few weeks. To keep up with the bandwith costs and server charges we rely on donations.

It is now where we have decided to set up a VIP Sector for EWrestlingMania, where Donators get a special section to themselves which include DARK matches and RARE matches barely seen,payday loans online all available to download on a private http server. WWE use these matches to train the superstars in a live audience before they promote them on their standard programming. We have matches inlcuding RANDY ORTON where he was not known, performing in these RARE matches. ALSO for a limited time, VIP members will get to have their own E-mail account, Yourname@Ewrestlingmania.com. VIPS can also request matches which will get the highest priority for us to upload. More benefits will be announced in the coming weeks!

There is NO minimum donation to become a VIP Member!!

So Donate NOW and enjoy all the benefits that come with being a VIP, and while your at it why not visit the Forum.

Kyle Glen
Donate and become a VIP member INSTANTLY!

Join NOW and recieve:

Access to RARE DARK matches on our private http server.

An E-mail account, Yourname@Ewrestlingmania.com.

Request matches which get the highest uploading priority.

There is NO minimum donation to become a VIP Member!!